10 Pros & Cons of The Opal Face Scrubber

“Versatile and convenient, this high-quality device shines with adjustability and compatibility, though its power, durability, and cost could leave some users scrubbing for satisfaction.”

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  • The Opal Face Scrubber ensures a comprehensive cleansing experience thanks to its 360-degree rotation exfoliating face cleanser brush, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your skincare regime.
  • Accommodates personal skin needs with its 2-speed adjustment feature, offering gentle cleansing perfect for sensitive skin, as well as deep cleansing designed specifically for oily skin. This Opal Face Scrubber Review would be incomplete without noting this valuable feature!
  • Flaunts a professional quality that allows users to pair it with any facial cleanser or essential oils, broadening its appeal and functionality.
  • Sporting a portable design, the Opal Face Scrubber is the perfect skincare companion for both home and travel.
  • Includes 7 replaceable brush heads for versatile use. Catering to diverse skincare needs, the brush heads range from gentle cleansing and rolling massage to makeup application, soft brush, pumice stone, latex sponge, and tough skin removal.
  • Leaves your skin feeling clean, exfoliated, and refurbished – a testament to its effectiveness.


  • The Opal Face Scrubber may not provide enough power for some as the brush does not rotate strongly, according to one Opal Face Scrubber Review.
  • Some users have commented on the delicate nature of the unit, which also isn’t waterproof, perhaps limiting its usage and durability.
  • Despite the given speed settings, the brush always seems to spin very slowly, potentially affecting the effectiveness for those who prefer a faster rotating scrubber.
  • Given the size of the product, some users might consider the price to be on the higher side.

Introduction to Opal Face Scrubber Review

Start boosting your skincare regime with the ultimate all-in-one solution, the Opal Face Scrubber. This innovative tool isn’t just a face cleanser. Think of it as your own personal skincare concierge, committed to enhancing your daily skincare routine with its versatile functionality.

Envision a face cleanser brush that rotates 360 degrees, powered by two simple AA batteries and providing two-speed settings to cater uniquely to your skin. Whether you need a gentle touch for sensitive skin, or a deep cleanse for oilier complexions, the Opal Face Scrubber is an adaptable companion equipped to meet your needs.

Much like a professional skincare expert, the versatile Opal Face Scrubber effortlessly blends into your existing skincare routine. Use it with your preferred facial cleanser or essential oils to replicate a spa-quality facial right in the comfort of your home. Its portable design ensures it easily fits into your bathroom decor or travel bag, joining you wherever your skincare journey takes you.

With the Opal Face Scrubber, you’re not just getting a cleanser; you’re investing in a seven-in-one brush kit. Each brush head, including a long ultra-fine brush, rolling massage head, makeup sponge, short soft brush, pumice stone, latex soft sponge, and a crude polish accessory, assures a uniquely customizable and comprehensive cleaning experience. It’s your one-stop-shop to deep pore cleansing, gentle washing, callus and dark spot removal, all while promising radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Product Features and Specifications

Our Opal Face Scrubber review unveils an enlightening journey into the practical and functional elements of this exceptional skincare gadget. A prominent feature delivering an impressive exfoliating experience is its 360-degree rotation functionality. This trait ensures a thorough cleanse that can efficiently remove unwanted dirt, oil and impurities from your skin.

For a personalized touch, the Opal Face Scrubber comes with two adjustable speed settings. This is designed to cater to different skin needs, with the first speed targeted for a soft and gentle cleansing routine, specially designed for those endowed with sensitive skin. On the other hand, the device’s second speed offers a deep cleansing experience, ideal for oilier skin types, transforming it from glum to gleam.

With portability in mind, this scrubber is crafted for professional-quality results anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at home, travelling or in a sudden skin emergency, you can utilise this handy device with your favourite facial cleanser or essential oils for a boosted and enhanced skincare regimen.

But wait, there’s more! With the Opal Face Scrubber, no two days of skincare have to be the same. The face cleanser kit comes with seven replaceable brush heads, designed to offer a sundry of options applicable to different skincare needs. Ranging from daily gentle cleansing using the fine brush to rolling massage and makeup sponge attachments for those extra pampering days, this versatile kit has it all covered in addressing any skincare concerns you may have.

Versatile Brush Kit

In this Opal Face Scrubber Review, one of the major selling points worth noting is the Versatile Brush Kit. The Kit, an all-in-one face cleansing set, offers a set of features tailored to meet various skincare needs. This has been made possible by the innovative 360-degree rotation technology included in the exfoliating brush. The result? A skincare routine that leaves your skin not only looking great, but also feeling its absolute best.

Consider its two-speed adjustment settings. This functionality allows the Opal Face Scrubber to cater to a variety of skin types. For instance, the low-speed setting provides gentle cleansing for sensitive skin, while the high-speed setting targets and thoroughly cleanses oily skin. This tailored approach gives you complete control over your skincare routine.

Moreover, this facial exfoliator kit is designed for delivering professional-quality facial care. It can be easily used with any facial cleanser or essential oils, making it a must-have for users who appreciate flexibility. Its portability ensures that, whether you’re at home or travelling, it takes up minimal space in your bag or bathroom.

What’s more, the kit includes seven different replaceable brush heads each catering to a different skincare need. Among these are an ultra-fine brush for gentle daily cleansing, a rolling massage head, a makeup sponge, a soft brush, a pumice stone, a latex soft sponge, and a crude polish accessory for tough skin removal. Clearly, this range of options ensures a comprehensive skincare routine that leaves nothing to chance.

User Experience and Feedback

The Opal Face Scrubber Review wouldn’t be complete without delving into the user experience and feedback. The consensus? Picture a mixed fruit salad with some raving about the sweet taste and others spitting out the sour bits.

Those who found the taste agreeable lauded the Opal Face Scrubber for its effectiveness in cleansing and exfoliating their skin. Convenient and portable, like a Swiss Army knife in the forest of skincare, was the verdict of numerous users. Their skin felt cleaner, akin to traversing a dust storm with a protective shield, and the exfoliating benefits were tangible.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Critiques arose around the scrubber’s power, with some users comparing it to a middle-aged marathon runner, losing its pace slow but steady. In the eyes of these users, this resulted in compromised effectiveness, akin to bandaging a wound with a napkin.

Additionally, the lack of waterproofing turned off users hoping to use the brush for some under-the-shower skin spa. The Opal Face Scrubber didn’t prove to be a sink or swim kind of implement. Some users emerged from their experiences with tales of a fiddly battery case that was more obstacle course than user-friendly accessory.

In conclusion, while the Opal Face Scrubber found favor for its variety of brush heads and effectiveness, it also encountered calls for more power, sturdier construction, and waterproofing capabilities. A little like a superhero with potential for a few more powers.


In weighing the pros and cons, the Opal Face Scrubber shows itself as a versatile, high-quality, and convenient skincare device. Its 360-degree rotation brush and 2-speed adjustment feature promise an adaptable and thorough cleansing experience. Furthermore, its compatibility with various facial cleansers, 7 interchangeable brush heads, and portable design make it a comprehensive skincare tool for various scenarios.

Nevertheless, potential buyers should be aware of its possible underpowered rotation and fragility, especially given the non-waterproof nature of the device. The scrubber’s speed may not meet everyone’s preference for a brisker rotation. Additionally, the product’s size might feel less justifiable concerning its price point for some users. In conclusion, the Opal Face Scrubber offers many merits, but it also comes with a handful of caveats that could potentially affect consumer satisfaction.

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