15 Pros & Cons of The Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

“An enticing skincare tool with its diverse features, yet marred by slight technical hitches, it’s a thrilling skincare ride with potential worth considering.”

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  • A comprehensive 3-in-1 facial cleansing system equipped with 4 different brush heads offering extensive skincare routine options
  • Sequential 2-speed settings with a powerful rotary spin, allowing gentle cleansing for delicate skin and deep, invigorating exfoliation when necessary
  • Efficiently eliminates dirt, oil, stubborn makeup residues, blackheads, and whiteheads, maintaining a clean facial surface
  • Featuring IPX7 waterproof design, the Electric Facial Cleansing Brush can be freely used in wet environments such as showers or bathtubs
  • An inbuilt rechargeable battery delivers consistent power and a long-lasting charge, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements
  • Added peace of mind with the provision of a one-year warranty as part of this Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review
  • Incorporated soft cleansing brush head caters specifically to individuals with sensitive skin, ensuring comfortable and irritation-free usage
  • The silicone brush head provides a gentle, massage-like experience that boosts blood circulation and enhances relaxation
  • The cleansing system readily removes makeup and improves overall complexion by deeply purifying pores and reviving skin vitality
  • With different brush attachments included, it makes it possible to cater to various skin types and specific exfoliation needs, fostering a personalized skincare regimen


  • Many users have reported that the battery of their brush stopped holding a charge after a single use, creating an aggravating hurdle in this Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review (Critical review no.1).
  • The brush’s circular motion has been seen as a disadvantage for individuals with long beards, as it does not provide a concise cleaning action (Critical review no.2).
  • Regretfully, some customers have claimed the brush got damaged by water, causing the control button to cease functioning, limiting their usage (Critical review no.3).
  • The charging mechanism of the unit tends to malfunction after four months of use, and there seems to be no available option for replacement (Critical review no.4).
  • In the world of recognized drawbacks, according to one particularly critical review, the brush’s inability to hold a charge tops the list (Critical review no.5).

Introduction: A Comprehensive Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review

If achieving a radiant glow and healthier complexion comes top of your skincare goals, then you might want to upgrade your daily skincare routine with the versatile Orauley Electric Facial Cleansing Brush. As part of our Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review, we were delighted to find this 3-in-1 system, designed to cater to all your skincare needs.

Regardless of your skin type, this brush does not disappoint. From a gentle daily cleanse to a deep exfoliation, the four brush heads provided have got you covered. It packs a powerful rotary spin brush, for deep pores cleaning, that’s capable of eliminating all the bad guys on your face – think dirt, oil, stubborn blackheads, and whiteheads.

Offering two speed options, this brush allows you the freedom to control your facial cleansing experience. The thought of a 750r/min low speed or a 900r/min high speed may sound terrifying but in reality, it’s a relaxing whirr on your face that leaves your skin looking as fresh as a daisy.

The fear of damaging electronic devices in wet environments is a thing of the past with the Orauley Facial Cleansing Brush. Its IPX7 waterproof construction gives you the liberty to use it in the shower, the sink, or the bathtub- now, that’s the epitome of hassle-free skincare!

Implementing an eco-friendly initiative while achieving flawless skin has never been easier, thanks to its rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery, shedding off the need for AA batteries. This reliable tool promises longer usage with up to 2 months on a full charge. This is based on usage of 2 minutes per day – don’t get carried away and start using it as your new bathroom karaoke microphone.

Here’s the cherry on top. Orauley is committed to ensuring you are content with your purchase, offering a 1-year warranty for this product. So, cheers to lush skin and a peace of mind. And remember, if you find yourself tangled with problems or have any questions, Orauley has a dedicated support team just a call away.

Beyond just the product, we recommend reading the user manual for a better understanding of the product and to prevent any mishaps, like tangling your beautiful hair in the brush – yes, we’ve seen it happen. Consider yourself warned.

Product Features of Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Diving right into our Electric Facial Cleansing Brush review, the impressive gadget does not shy away from offering a complete package of facial pampering. Orauley’s Electric Facial Cleansing Brush is a 3-in-1 cleansing system curated to cater to all your skin’s needs. This system includes four different brush heads – two for exfoliation, a soft brush for cleansing, and a silicone brush – allowing for a thorough and customizable cleaning experience for all skin types.

What makes this brush stand out is its versatility in speed. With a lower speed of 750r/min for a gentle everyday face cleaning, and a high-speed function at 900r/min for a deeper exfoliation, getting rid of makeup residues, stubborn blackheads, whiteheads or simply daily grime is a breeze. Crafted for your ultimate comfort, the Electric Facial Cleansing Brush is IPX7 waterproof – making it your perfect partner for all wet environments, be it a relaxing shower, a swift face wash over the sink after a tiring day, or an indulgent soak in the bathtub.

The most relieving feature, especially for those who prefer eco-friendliness and long-lasting chargers, is the added convenience of its rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery. This power-pack battery allows you to use the device consistently for two months, assuming you’d use it for two minutes daily after a full charge. Break up with the constant cycle of replacing AA batteries!

With Orauley’s 1-year warranty, feel free to test out and experience the all-encompassing benefits of this electric facial cleansing brush without any worry. Rest assured of the great customer service that’s always at your disposal for any queries about or issues with the product. And, for a cheeky yet practical reminder from Orauley – when in use, tie up your long hair snugly. After all, pre-empting hair entanglement accidents does seem like a convincing assurance of a safe skincare routine.

User Experience

In this Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review, we delve into the realm of user experience to get a true measure of the product’s performance. The majority of users commend the brush’s comprehensive 3 in 1 system. It seems that having various brush heads to cater to different skin types and cleansing needs is a hit with users, particularly the exfoliating brush heads that proficiently excavate all traces of makeup residues, dirt, oil, and the enduring blackheads and whiteheads we all love to hate.

The brush boasts two-speed settings with powerful rotary spin at 750r/min and 900r/min. Users have found that a gentle approach with this device is the key to unlocking its full potential, delicately caressing the face without causing discomfort or irritation. Among the brush heads, the silicone one seems to don the crown, garnering high praises for its gentle massaging effects, transforming an otherwise mundane cleanse into a relaxing, spa-like ritual.

Let’s talk a bit about power. Not the ‘Game of Thrones’ kind, but something equally important – the rechargeable battery life of the product. The device is equipped with a 1200mAh lithium battery, which, when fully charged, can last up to 2 months with a daily usage of 2 minutes. This awards users a significant break from the hassles of dealing with AA batteries. That said, not all that glitters is gold. The device has also received some flak concerning battery performance and susceptibility to water damage, a chink in its otherwise robust armor. While a good number of users report extended, uninterrupted usage, others narrate an unfortunate tale of batteries refusing to hold or accept charge.

All in all, the Electric Facial Cleansing Brush has successfully garnered the praise of users for its effectiveness in deep cleansing and exfoliation. Yet, the device might need to hit the drawing board again to iron out concerns regarding battery performance and water resistance.

Durability and Longevity

In this Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Review, a prevailing theme among users’ feedback is the device’s impressive durability and longevity. Many have reported their device working flawlessly for months on end, with the brush maintaining its excellent condition, and their facial skin showing much improved clarity.

The product’s longevity is enhanced by its rechargeable feature. Powered by a 1200mAh lithium battery, users have reported that a full charge can last up to two months with daily usage of two minutes. This eliminates the inconvenience of regular battery replacements, often associated with other facial cleansing brushes.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some users have reported issues with the battery life. In these sporadic instances, they found their device unable to hold a charge after a certain period. Despite this, users can find solace in the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty, ensuring ongoing peace of mind.


In the realm of skincare, the Electric Facial Cleansing Brush exudes a promising allure with its multifaceted features and purported efficiency. The device’s broad range of brushes, powerful rotary spin, and waterproof design truly set it apart. It artfully caters to a variety of skin types, effectively banishes dirt, and provides a tranquil massage-like experience.

However, beauty isn’t always free from blemishes; the brush presents its share of concerns. From its unfortunate lackluster battery performance to its disappointing water susceptibility and the inefficient charging mechanism, it’s clear that not all that glimmers is gold. Particularly for those sporting long beards, the brush doesn’t scrape up the finest performances. In this scenario, the device does seem to brush more against the grain, than along with it! Despite its shortcomings, the Electric Facial Cleansing Brush’s rollercoaster ride of pros and cons makes it worth considering for those in search of a comprehensive skincare system.

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