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Welcome to Cosmotality, where beauty and science meet!

We’re so thrilled you’ve stumbled upon Cosmotality, your new go-to space for all things beauty, science and, of course, genuine authenticity.

Meet the team

Our Mission

To provide honest, comprehensive reviews of the latest beauty products and unveil the fascinating science behind them the latest beauty trends.

Ever wonder why your favorite lipstick holds its color all day or what exactly is in that anti-aging cream that makes your skin glow? That’s where we come in. We’re here to break down the ingredient list and explain its science in an easy-to-understand language, because we believe knowledge is power and beauty is more than skin deep.

In our corner of the internet, we celebrate individuality, diversity, and the belief that beauty is not just about looking good, but mainly about feeling good. We understand that beauty is unique for everyone, and hence, at Cosmotality, we sincerely honor all shapes, shades, and styles.

Our founder Ella Moore, a science geek, and a beauty lover dreamed of creating a space where she could share her dual passions with the world. Thus, Cosmotality was born, a place where we tear down misleading marketing gimmicks and replace them with tested, fact-based beauty wisdom.

So, whether you’re a beauty newbie, a skincare enthusiast or a seasoned makeup artist, Cosmotality has something for you. Come explore the fascinating world of beauty with us. We promise you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for your beauty routine, because here at Cosmotality, we believe in empowering you to be your own kind of beautiful.

Welcome aboard, lovely! Let’s embrace our uniqueness and dive deep into the essence and science of beauty together. Here’s to making the world more beautiful, one lipstick (or serum, or moisturizer!) at a time.

Embrace the beauty in science and the science in beauty with Cosmotality.

The Cosmotality Score

At Cosmotality, we don’t just crunch numbers. Our scoring system is a blend of hard facts and human experiences. We tap into authentic user feedback, direct customer reviews plus detailed trials on the ground, all mixed with a good measure of hard data and product popularity figures. This treasure trove of real-world insights paints a reliable and useful picture of how each product performs, holds up over time, and even how desirable it is. So, our score doesn’t just tell you about the mechanics and quality, but also gives you a sense of how fondly embraced it is by users.