17 Pros & Cons of The Electric Face Brush Scrubber

“A versatile, customizable and user-friendly skincare device with some minor flaws, perfect if you desire a tailored cleansing experience backed by a warranty.”

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  • Comprehensive 3-in-1 facial cleansing system with 4 brush heads.
  • Includes 2 exfoliating brush heads, a soft cleansing brush head, and a silicone brush head.
  • Suitable for all skin types, ensuring a lovely face glow for everyone.
  • The Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review appreciates the 2 speeds with the powerful rotary spin of 750r/min at low and 900r/min at high speed.
  • Choose between daily gentle cleansing and deep exfoliation according to your skin’s needs and moods.
  • Effectively removes dirt, oil, makeup residues, blackheads, and whiteheads from the face which means saying adieu to pesky skin woes.
  • IPX7 waterproof construction allows it to be used in wet environments such as showers, sinks, or bathtubs, making it a constant bath-time companion.
  • Rechargeable with a 1200mAh lithium battery meaning you can chuck out those old AA batteries.
  • Lasts for approximately 2 months (2 minutes a day) after a full charge, proving that good things can last longer than you think if you use them wisely.
  • 1-year warranty for all products that gives you peace of mind – isn’t that we all desire?


  • The battery life of the device starts to wane after six months of consistent use. The Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review points out that it often only holds up to a 39% charge. Time to say adieu to relaxing face spa sessions while camping!
  • Unlike its contemporaries that offer the convenience of stand charging, this device demands a dedicated USB charger. Think twice if you are the kind who frequently misplaces chargers.
  • The gap between the brush and the device might seem inconsequential but wait until it starts to affect the brush rotation. Users have reported this design flaw as a factor that negatively impacts their skincare routine.
  • The texture of the bristles on the brush head can feel a tad harsh on sensitive skin, making users stick to the low setting which might not deliver the desired deep clean effect.
  • Despite being marketed as rechargeable, the brush does not come with a charging cord. This has lead to some bewilderment among customers who expect the cord to be part of the package.
  • Mechanical issues are not off the table either. Unstable brushes and erratic battery behavior have been cited by users as some of the product’s major stumbling blocks.
  • Frequently exposed to wet conditions, a face brush is expected to withstand moisture. However, the device’s paint might beg to differ, peeling away and compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Introduction to Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review

Amid an abundance of skin care tools and gadgets available today, one has generated significant buzz in the beauty world – the Electric Face Brush Scrubber. This all-rounder is not confined to a specific type of skin but addresses a whole spectrum of facial cleansing needs. With its comprehensive 3-in-1 facial cleansing system, it emerges as a promising contender in personal skin care.

This device rides high on versatility, coming along with four customizable brush heads – two exfoliating, one soft cleansing, and one silicone. Need a mild cleanse after a long day or a thorough exfoliation for that special occasion? The powerful rotary spin with a spectrum of two speeds, 750r/min for the former and 900r/min for the latter, makes switching up your cleansing routine a breeze.

What’s more, with its robust IPX7 waterproof design, this Electric Face Brush Scrubber is all set to accompany you in the shower or at the sink without getting all prickly about possible water damage. And for those habitual of singing (or thinking) in the shower, it practically begs for a duet!

To top it all off, it equips a rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery, saying a cordial goodbye to constantly buying AA batteries and your battery-powered brushes disappointing you mid-routine. This leading-edge tool can serve you for a lengthy span of up to 2 months (2 minutes a day), following a full charge. Do we hear you say ‘two months of unadulterated glowing skin? Yes, please!’

For better utilization of the product and safety, it is recommended to carefully go through the user manual before the first use. Also, those bundles of joy (long hairs), make sure you tie them up so they don’t play spoilsport by getting tangled in your soon-to-be favorite device.

Comprehensive 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing System

The Comprehensive 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing System truly lives up to its name, and embodies the swiss army knife of skin exfoliation. Now, your skin care routine can feel less like a chore and more like a personal day at the spa. This dynamic system is armed with four bespoke brush heads to cater to your skin’s specific needs, whether it’s gentle daily cleansing or deep exfoliation.

When it comes to battling stubborn pores, this star in our Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review is a robust ally. It effectively raids your face of any dirt, oil, and leftover makeup residue that may be loitering on your skin. And don’t worry about those pesky blackheads and whiteheads, it’s got you covered too! Dive deeper into those pores, bringing out a cleaner, fresher skin that’s hiding underneath.

Are you always in a rush and need to multitask your cleansing in the shower? No problem at all! Being blessed with an IPX7 waterproof rating, this device can be your shower buddy, no fear of water damage whatsoever. And just when you think it cannot get better, it flaunts its 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, sweeping away the need for constantly purchasing AA batteries. A single full charge will leave you set for up to two months!

The manufacturers, IWEEL, further sweeten the deal with a generous one-year warranty. And yes, they have an efficient customer support team that has your back, in case of any concerns or query. Remember, your hair might love this Electric Face Brush Scrubber just as much as your skin. So, bind your locks before operating the device to avoid any minor mishaps.

2 Speeds with Powerful Rotary Spin

The Electric Face Brush Scrubber guarantees an entirely customized cleansing experience with its high-functioning 2 speeds and powerful rotary spin. Equipped with a low speed of 750r/min for those gentle everyday washes, and a high speed of 900r/min for when you need that deep dive into exfoliation, this device brings the vibrancy of a spa right to your bathroom. The rotary spin unyieldingly yet gently cleanses, penetrating deep within pores to effectively remove dirt, oil, makeup residues, stubborn blackheads, and whiteheads.

Our Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review explores the versatility this device lends to your skincare regime, whether you’re in need of a gentle cleanse for everyday use or an invigorating exfoliation for that deep cleanse. The dual speed features ensure you have the flexibility to adjust the intensity of your cleansing routine, so you can always strike the perfect balance for a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.

Say goodbye to monotonous manual cleaning and welcome an elevated skincare routine with the convenience of this innovative tool. Experience the myriad benefits of the Electric Face Brush Scrubber’s remarkable 2 speeds with vigorous rotary spin and kick your skincare routine up a notch – or two!

IPX7 Waterproof

In the arena of electric face brushes, the IPX7 waterproof feature of the Electric Face Brush Scrubber is a distinguishing facet that catapults it leagues ahead of competing products. Its premium built, incorporating absolute waterproofing, empowers you to wield this beauty gizmo seamlessly in a plethora of settings, be it your shower, bathroom sink or even that splendid bubble bath on a lazy Sunday morning. Now, isn’t that something remarkable?

With our Electric Face Brush Scrubber Review, we stumbled upon the virtue of being able to integrate this brush into your skincare routine without the usual constraints of space and setting. No more dashing from your dry face-cleansing area to the shower, losing precious minutes that could be better spent admiring your glowing skin post-cleansing.

Further, the IPX7 waterproofing extends its merits into the realm of maintenance too. Post-use, simply place the brush heads under running water to wash away the remnants of your cleansing routine. Now, bid a warm goodbye to product residues and keep your beloved brush sparkling clean and ready for action the very next day!


In sum, the Electric Face Brush Scrubber emerges as a thoughtfully designed skincare gadget that appeals primarily for its versatility. With a spectrum of brush heads and power levels, it holds the promise of a tailored cleansing experience for all skin types – a commitment that not many of its peers can make. An added bonus is its waterproof structure and rechargeable features, which clearly place user convenience in high regard.

With that said, it’s not without its fair share of drawbacks. A decling battery life over time along with a potential design flaw that affects brush rotation may leave some users less than impressed. The lack of a charging cord in the package may also cause initial confusion. In spite of these cons, the 1-year warranty provides some reassurance. So, if you’re seeking a comprehensive face cleansing system and can look beyond minimal hiccups, this device should be in your cart. Just maybe keep your spa expectations checked for your camping trips!

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