12 Pros & Cons of The TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush

“An impressive hair grooming tool with effortless straightening and enhanced hair care features, despite minor downsides on thicker hair types and certain design elements.”

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  • Effortless Straightening: The patented teeth design of the TYMO Ring Plus enables smooth gliding through the hair. It straightens your hair in just one stroke, saving significant time and effort compared to traditional hair straighteners.
  • Fast and Even Heat Distribution: The nano-titanium coating of the TYMO Ring Plus facilitates quick and uniform heat transfer across your hair. This ensures consistent straightening results and minimizes the risk of heat damage, making this “TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush Review” a compelling read for haircare enthusiasts.
  • Wide Temperature Range: The straightening brush features 9 precise temperature settings, ranging from 250℉ to 410℉, making it suitable for a variety of hair types. The user-friendly LED display aids in selecting the ideal temperature for achieving your desired hairstyle.
  • Enhanced Hair Care: With in-built double ionic generators, the brush releases up to 3 million negative ions, effectively sealing moisture while reducing breakage. The outcome is healthier, shinier hair with lesser frizz.
  • Improved Button Design: The upgraded sunk button design prevents inadvertent device switching during styling. This unique feature allows you to straighten your hair from different angles without any interruptions or accidents.
  • Safe and Anti-Scald: The TYMO Ring Plus is designed with an anti-scald surface, providing utmost safety during use. Straighten your hair with no worry about burning your scalp or fingers.


  • Those with extremely thick or curly locks may not find the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush to be their best friend. Some users have reported that the brush does not pack enough punch – in terms of heat or power – to effectively straighten their hair.
  • Much like a classic novel, the ceramic coating on the brush’s teeth may wear off over time. Users have reported this detracts from the brush’s effectiveness, as it no longer smoothly glides through the hair like it once did in its prime.
  • The temperature range of 250°F to 410°F, while suitable for most, may not cater to everyone in the hair kingdom. For those with very delicate or highly heat-sensitive hair, the “one-size-fits-all” temperature setting may be too hot to handle, potentially causing damage.
  • In our TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush review, we found that while the built-in double ionic generators are an ambitious addition intended to provide hair care benefits, some users have reported witnessing an excessive amount of static or frizz after use. An unfortunate plot twist that feels more like a bad hair day rather than a royal treatment.
  • The new sunk button design, although a well-intended feature to prevent accidental switch-offs, may require a transition period. Some users mentioned finding it inconvenient or difficult to operate, turning the power struggle into a literal one.
  • The anti-scald surface of the brush, while a commendable safety feature, may not fully protect those using the brush at higher temperature settings for extended periods. Consider this a friendly nudge to exercise caution when cranking up the heat.

Introduction to TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush Review

When it comes to achieving that salon-finish sleek, shiny, and frizz-free hair at home, you need a game-changer. That is where the TYMO RING PLUS Hair Straightener Brush comes into play. This innovative tool is the hybrid offspring of a hairbrush and a straightener, crafted to deliver salon-worthy results in the comfort of your home.

At the heart of its stellar performance is a patented teeth design which glides through your hair from roots to tips, straightening each strand with just one stroke. The keratin ceramic coating is the knight in shining armor, shielding your hair while ensuring an even heat distribution. This consistency plays a key role in long-lasting straightening effects.

What sets the TYMO RING PLUS aside in the crowded market of hair-styling tools is its wider vocabulary of temperature settings. Nine of them, precisely ranging from a gentle 250℉ to a sizzling 410℉. Whatever be the story your hair wants to tell, there is a perfect temperature setting for it. And no need for guesswork, thanks to the LED display that keeps you informed.

Complementing its outstanding straightening prowess, the TYMO RING PLUS also caters to hair care. With its built-in double ionic generators releasing a whopping count of three million negative ions, your hair will hold onto its moisture while reducing the risk of breakage. The result? Not just straight and slick hair, but healthier and shinier locks!

Thoughtful design comes to life with the upgraded sunk button that rules out accidental device turn-offs while you explore varied styling angles. Combine this with an anti-scald surface, and what you have is a hair-straightening experience that is as seamless as it is safe.

In conclusion, the TYMO RING PLUS Hair Straightener Brush is a versatile and potent hair-styling arsenal that hits the right notes. Whether you’re chasing silky straight locks or subtle waves, it delivers results while caring for your hair’s health. Bid adieu to bad hair days and embrace salon-quality hair every day with the TYMO RING PLUS.

Patented Teeth Design for Effortless Hair Straightening

Brace yourself for a revolutionary experience that will surely change your hair-straightening routine. Part of this TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush review includes the patented teeth design that this illustrious product proudly heralds. A cutting-edge design that promises a smooth glide through your hair from root to tip, assuring a straight, sleek finish in just one fell swoop.

Say adieu to the arduous hours spent in the quest for straight locks and bid farewell to dealing with tangled tresses. Thanks to the TYMO RING PLUS, your hair straightening routine can now be both quick and efficient. A special touch in this design is the even distribution of heat across all the strands, ensuring that each strand gets its fair share of heat for effective straightening minus any heat damage.

Nanotechnology is no longer the stuff of futuristic tales, and the TYMO RING PLUS leverages this to its advantage. The teeth are coated with nano-titanium, promoting faster and more consistent heat transmission. This not only hastens the hair straightening process but also guarantees uniform heat distribution throughout, eliminating damaging hot spots.

One thing you can be sure about at the end of this segment of the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush review, is the incredible ease that comes with this patented teeth design. It’s a game-changer, no matter the type of hair you’ve got – thick, thin, stubborn, or demanding. Expect to walk away with a head of smooth, shining locks straight out of a dream!

Nine Temperature Settings for Customized Styling

Discovering the freedom of style customization is key to our TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush Review. A feature that sets the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush apart from its peers is its tailor-made styling solutions with nine different temperature settings. The temperature control, spanning from a practical 250℉ to a robust 410℉, provides versatility needed to create an array of hairstyles. It’s designed to fit personal styling preference as well as different hair types.

If you’ve been bestowed with fine, thin hair needing tender heat, or blessed with thick, coarse locks that require a higher temperature, fear not! This tool is up to the challenge. The convenient LED display makes selecting the ideal temperature a breeze, ensuring optimal results without risking damage or excessive heat exposure.

Nothing beats having control over your styling outcome, and with the adjustable temperature settings, you can easily strike a balance between achieving that sleek look and reducing frizz and static. Need to straighten, curl, or just add volume? The TYMO Ring Plus offers versatility and control.

It also delivers on hair care with its double ionic generators. Unleashing 3 million negative ions, it locks in moisture, enhances natural shine and reduces breakage for healthier, silkier hair. Its thoughtful design also prioritizes safety, with an anti-scald surface and new sunk button design, to greatly reduce the risk of accidental switching off while styling. Achieve your desired look safely and with peace of mind with the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush.

Built-in Double Ionic Generators for Enhanced Hair Care

In the realm of hair care revolution, the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush reigns supreme. Positioned at the helm of innovation, it boasts built-in double ionic generators, as subtle as a secret agent but as impactful as a superhero in a world of repetitive hair damage.

Flick this appliance on, and you’ll unleash a staggering 3 million negative ions. Yes, you read it right, 3 million! These unsung heroes don’t merely flit around, they’re on a mission to drench your hair strands in moisture, combat dryness, and gift your hair a lustrous, healthy shine that’ll make others green with envy.

When you embark on a TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush Review, don’t forget to pay homage to the integral role these negative ions play. They neutralize the villainous positive charge that’s behind the dreaded frizz and static, ensuring your locks are not just part of a style statement but are also healthier and more manageable. It’s like a knight in shining armor for your hair.

But these double ionic generators don’t stop there, oh no. TYMO had efficient functionality in mind when they added these. Aside from fighting off hair-harming culprits, these ions also expedite the hair straightening process, enabling the brush to glide through your hair like a skater on ice. Less time spent straightening and more time spent savoring your elegantly straightened hair – is this not an offer that’s hard to refuse?


In weighing the pros and cons, it becomes apparent that the TYMO Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush offers an impressive alignment of features. With its effortless straightening capability, fast and even heat distribution, enhanced hair care attributes, and user safety assurance, it convincingly shines as a harbinger of hair grooming world.

However, polishing the mirror of truth, it also has its fate tied with slight judgments. As some users highlighted its limited effectiveness on thick or curly hair and a few downsides on the temperature range and button design. Nevertheless, despite these slight bends in the haircare road, the TYMO Ring Plus has significantly more rings of fire that promote it as a worthy candidate in the hair straightening landscape.

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