14 Pros & Cons of The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL

“An impressive hair-zapping tool with undeniable effectiveness and smart features, but its exclusivity issues, time commitment, and hefty price tag needs to be considered too.”

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  • AWARD-WINNING TECHNOLOGY: The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL has been recognized by Cosmopolitan as the Best Laser Hair Removal Device in 2023. This award speaks volumes about the device’s excellent performance and effectiveness in granting users silky, hair-free skin.
  • SALON-QUALITY RESULTS AT HOME: The focus of our SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL review is its ability to provide professional-grade hair elimination results right in your home. No more wasting time on salon visits. More money in the pocket. More convenience.
  • EFFECTIVE AND PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION: Using IPL technology, targeted hair follicles are inhibited from regrowing over time. Consistent use can lead to smooth skin that extends its welcome.
  • These devices don’t come around with much fanfare. Yet it’s SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SKIN TONES AND HAIR COLORS. No matter your skin tone or hair color, there’s a good chance the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL can get along with you just fine.
  • EASY TO USE: Like using your TV remote, but with better results. Its decisive glide mode ensures swift treatments, and the stamp mode allows for accuracy on smaller areas. Plus, its compact and ergonomic build will feel right at home in your hand.
  • GENTLE AND PAIN-FREE HAIR REMOVAL: Waxing, shaving – thank God that era is over. The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL ensures the journey to hairless skin is a peaceful and painless one. And for you with sensitive skin, it’s got a soothing mode specially for you.
  • SMART SKIN SENSOR: It’ll detect your skin tone before each session, then adjust the intensity for safe hair removal. A buddies system for hair removal, if you will.
  • The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL’s lamp life lasts longer than some celebrity marriages, providing you with lots of treatments before necessitating a replacement. Talk about bang for your buck!
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: It comes with a handy app for monitoring your progress and treatment schedules. Helping you to stick to the regimen and see it through till you have that smooth skin you always desired.


  • The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL device is potentially discriminatory since it doesn’t seem to take darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI) or very light or white hair into consideration. Lack of inclusivity, anyone?
  • For the commitment-phobic, beware! Regular treatment sessions over an extended period are necessary to witness noticeable and long-lasting hair reduction. It’s like a relationship, except with a device.
  • People looking for the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Review may not appreciate the fact that the device’s small treatment window can translate into longer sessions for covering larger body areas. Picture a paintbrush trying to paint an entire wall. Yep, it’s that kind of situation.
  • Although generally regarded as safe, use of the IPL technology may cause some users mild discomfort or skin irritation during or after the treatment. It’s similar to eating spicy food, discomfort is indeed a possibility.
  • The sting in the tail – price. While it does offer long-term cost benefits compared to professional salon treatments, the upfront investment could be a hurdle for those counting pennies or uncertain about the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL’s efficacy and how suited it is to their specific needs.


Welcome to our in-depth SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Review, a testament to upper echelon hair removal technology. This groundbreaking device has been turning heads and making noticeable waves in the beauty industry. It stands on a pedestal, awarded the illustrious title of Cosmopolitan’s Best Laser Hair Removal Device in 2023 – quite the shiny feather in its cap.

Designed with a keen eye for details and convenience, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL brings professional-grade hair reduction in the comfort of your sacred space – your home. The advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology it employs targets hair follicles at the very root of the matter (pun intended), decelerating hair regrowth like a pro.

The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL breaks the mold with its high-quality engineering and performance. Exhaustively tested, it has consistently emerged victorious, delivering impressive results that are as reliable as your favorite dark chocolate. It’s a popular choice among the shiny skin lovers who prefer their hair removal as easy as Sunday morning coffee.

If you’re growing weary from the incessant routines of waxing, shaving, or plucking, let us introduce you to your new best friend. Regularly using the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL promises noticeable hair reduction, keeping your skin as smooth as silk sheets. Stay on in the reading to discover a beauty revolution in hair reduction that is yours for the taking. With the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL you can say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to hair-free confidence.

Cutting-edge Laser Technology

In our SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL review, we want to shine a light on the heart of this impressive device: its cutting-edge laser technology. This device isn’t just a pretty face in the world of at-home laser hair removal, its technology sets it apart. We wonder what it might say if we asked it at a party… ‘Oh, I’m currently disrupting the industry with my advanced features and innovative design. Also, I can offer professional-grade results from your own bathroom.’

No, this isn’t science fiction. It’s the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL, wielding the might of powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. It targets the pigment in your hair follicles, selectively heating hair and disabling its growth. Sounds a bit like a superhero, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, instead of leaving a trail of destruction, this superhero leaves long-lasting, hair-free skin. Impeccable work, if you ask us.

Another bragging right for SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL is the SensoAdaptTM technology. It’s like having a smart assistant with a Ph.D. in dermatology living inside your IPL device. This brainy feature reads your skin tone continuously, adjusting the laser intensity to ensure safe and effective treatment. So whether you’re as fair as Snow White or as dark as the night sky, the device tailors the settings for your unique skin tone, providing an optimal treatment without any risks. A device that customizes its treatment just for you? Now that’s what we call personalization!

Recognition and Awards

The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL takes a commanding position in the spotlight, celebrated for its outstanding contributions in the industry. Its enviably shimmering mantle houses the illustrious Cosmopolitan’s Best Laser Hair Removal Device award for 2023, an acknowledgment it proudly bears, adding a dash of resplendence in this SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Review.

In the dynamic landscape of at-home hair removal, this award serves as a shining beacon, spotlighting the innovative technology’s exceptional quality and effectiveness that pulls no punches. Its noble commitment to delivering superior results is undeniable, offering users a slice of professional-level treatments without stepping out of their comfort zone, a testament to its mettle.

The recognition tango doesn’t end there, though. The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL stands tall with its superior performance and user-friendly design, which have won the hearts and minds of the consumer populace and industry experts in unison. The Cosmopolitan’s esteemed panel of judges became the chorus to this symphony of appreciation, further entrenching its position in the industry.

With this technological artistic piece, users are handed a golden ticket to extraordinary results, paving the way to a realm of smooth and hair-free skin following each treatment. This package includes the ease of use to sweeten the deal further, marking it as the top-choice solution for individuals on their quest for a convenient and efficient hair removal solution.

Best Hair Removal Device in 2023: SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL

Entering brightly into the spotlight, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL takes the crown in 2023 as the unrivaled champion in the hair removal race. This isn’t just a casual claim – the prestigious Cosmopolitan Best Laser Hair Removal Device recognises its high-flying achievements and superior technological feats. This is more than just an ordinary hair removal device. It’s a game-changer.

Unlock salon-like quality in your personal space with this powerhouse. Quite like going for an espresso but getting a rich, Italian coffee instead, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL offers unparalleled Intense Pulsed Light technology. This makes shaving look like using a blunt crayon to draw a masterpiece. It tackles hair follicles with such precision that hair regrowth waves a white flag. Plus, long-lasting smoothness that makes traditional methods seem just that – downright traditional.

In our SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Review, one aspect we must highlight is the device’s impressive versatility. Ever witnessed a chameleon react to different surroundings? That’s precisely what the SmartSkin sensor in this device does. No matter the skin tone or hair color, it fine-tunes its intensity levels to deliver personalized treatments. It’s more prepared than a scout on an expedition.

User-friendly meets sleek design in the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL. Stamp and glide modes, a walk-in-the-park user interface, and, wait for it…unlimited flashes. That’s right, the days of buying replacement cartridges are in the rear-view mirror. It’s not just a gadget – it’s a cost-friendly guide to a hair-free future. Take a leap into the future where professional-standard hair removal is as close as your bathroom shelf.


In summary, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL device is a high-performing, award-winning hair removal gadget that successfully brings salon-quality results to the comfort of your own home. It accommodates a variety of skin tones and hair colors, save for the darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI) and very light or white hair. Simple to use and boasting a host of impressive features, including permanent hair reduction capabilities, pain-free operation, and a smart skin sensor that adjusts to your unique needs, it’s commendable in many respects.

However, the device’s efficacy requires commitment and persistence. The smaller treatment window may also mean longer sessions for larger body areas, and the initial purchase cost can be burdensome. Overall, while its inclusivity issue and upfront cost can’t be brushed under the carpet, SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL’s effectiveness and convenience paint a mostly bright picture. If it aligns with your budget, skin tone, and hair color, it might be worth welcoming into your beauty toolkit.

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