14 Pros & Cons of The PMD Clean

“A revitalizing skincare tool with exceptional cleansing and exfoliation features, albeit with possible design qualms and occasional durability issues.”

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  • Effective at gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and massaging, which leaves the skin smoother and irritation-free.
  • Features soft silicone bristles which are easy to clean and unlike other materials, do not harbor bacteria.
  • One major PMD Clean Review point is the fact that the device head never needs replacing, making it a one-time investment for the users.
  • The device is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it hassle-free for the user.
  • Provides a deep and thorough facial cleansing experience, far surpassing manual cleansing methods.
  • A huge plus point is that it helps to entice the user into a more disciplined skincare routine.
  • Gentle exfoliation offers a satisfying clean feeling, without making the skin feel dry or stretched out.
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin, making it suitable for all skin types.
  • The device boasts of a durable construction, lasting for years even with regular use. This has been confirmed by many user experiences in their PMD Clean Review.


  • The design of the PMD Clean might seem a bit obstructive for some, making it difficult to maneuver around parts of the face.
  • Those who prefer a zen-like skincare routine, may find the vibration of the brush a bit disruptive and off-putting.
  • For those hoping to minimize the Grand Canyon-like pores on their face, one PMD Clean review reported that it might not help effectively.
  • One user mentioned the heartbreaking story of the battery compartment of the brush rusting after only 6 months, causing a premature end to its skincare adventures.
  • Another user reported opening up the brush after a simple battery replacement to be met with the sight of rusted springs, rendering the tool a facial-cleaning paperweight.

Introduction to PMD Clean Review

When traditional cleaning brushes fall short, the PMD Clean Silicon Brush comes to the rescue, completely revolutionizing the facial cleansing experience. Tired of brushes that are too rough for your sensitive skin or simply fail to live up to their promises? Many users worldwide are singing similar praises about the PMD Clean, for just these reasons.

The soft, silicone bristles of the PMD Clean provide a gentle, yet efficient, cleansing experience that users can’t get enough of. Beyond comfort, the easy-to-clean bristles offer a hygienic solution without the necessity of constant brush head replacements, contributing to the device’s long-lasting performance.

A PMD Clean Review is not complete without mentioning its powerful, exfoliating vibrations. This device goes beyond just cleansing the skin, it invigorates it, leaving faces feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Don’t fret about compatibility either – whether a skincare rookie with sensitive skin or a seasoned beauty veteran with a tendency for irritation, the PMD Clean is tailored to cater to all skin types.

The versatility of the PMD Clean also stands out. It pairs harmoniously with any facial cleanser you prefer, effortlessly enhancing the effectiveness of your chosen product. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it is a welcome and convenient addition to any skincare routine. So, are you ready to revolutionize your skincare routine yet?

Comparison with Other Facial Cleansing Brushes

In our PMD Clean Review, we found that the PMD Clean shone brightly when compared to rival facial cleansing brushes. The difference lies largely in its innovative design and multiple cleansing benefits.

Breaking away from the conventional bristle usage, PMD Clean takes a softer approach, using silicone bristles. These bristles are not only kind to your skin, but they remain unsharp and non-abrasive even with consistent use. This gentle yet effective cleaning approach places the PMD Clean a head and shoulders above those brushes with bristles that become sharp and scratchy over time, such as the now no-longer-available Clarisonic brush.

The PMD Clean goes a step further with its vibration feature – a sweet cherry atop its cleansing cake. This feature gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it smoother and more open to the benefits of facial cleansers. It’s safe to say that the gentle vibrations, combined with the silicone bristles, make it an all-round suitable companion for all skin types, including the sensitive ones among us.

Moving on to usability and maintenance, PMD Clean continues to stand out with its easily cleanable silicone brush heads. They are devoid of bacteria goodbyes and don’t need to be replaced – ever. This ticks off the hassle and cost of constant brush head replacements, a common requirement with some other lesser cleansing brushes. Also, let’s give a nod to its lightweight design which makes the PMD Clean a breeze to hold and maneuver around the face.

Summing things up, the PMD Clean is your cleansing hero in the arena of facial cleansing brushes. It prides itself in providing a gentle and effective cleaning experience, ease of usage, and little to no maintenance. The PMD Clean easily climbs to the top of the facial brushes ladder for anyone seeking a cleansing journey far superior to the norm.

Effective Exfoliation and Gentle Cleansing

Based on this PMD Clean Review, it’s crystal clear that the rave reviewers are onto something here – the PMD Clean is undeniably a top contender in the exfoliation and cleansing duathlon. This device, with its tiny silicone brush heads, teams up with a power-packed vibration function, creating an exfoliation experience that makes you wonder why you’ve been tediously scrubbing your face all these years.

Users report they have seen their skin take a turn for the better in a short period of use, sporting a radiance that whispers a quiet ‘thank you’. It seems to go beyond the surface, achieving noticeable smoothness and cleanliness.

But hold your hat, this is not your regular brash bristle-brush. With sensitivity in mind, the PMD Clean is covered with soft silicone bristles, gently soothing even the most sensitive skin. This reigning champion in the PMD Clean Review causes no discomfort or irritation, proving it’s not just a pretty face after all.

Remarkably, this little device has the prowess to sweep away skin build-up and impurities, such as daily dirt, stubborn oil, and even those pesky dead skin cells, leaving its audience with skin that’s nothing short of fresh and rejuvenated. This canny device takes your regular facial cleanser and elevates it to a superstar status, providing a deep, thorough cleanse. Talk about being versatile!

Durability and Battery Life

In the world of facial cleansing brushes, durability is a highly valued factor. The PMD Clean, in this PMD Clean Review, seems to impress many users in terms of longevity. Several have been able to enjoy the enduring performance of this silicone brush for quite extended periods.

One user recounts a relationship with their PMD Clean that has surpassed the two-year mark, despite what they consider to potentially be overuse on their part. Their secret? The occasional disinfecting swoon with alcohol to keep the device fit as a fiddle.

However, let’s not throw around rose petals just yet. Just like an unexpected cliffhanger in your favourite TV show, a few users have encountered plot twists of their own. Some users reported cases of the battery compartment rusting after a few months of use, leading to difficulties or complete failure in operating the device. Though these cases are not the norm, they’re worth considering when examining the longevity aspect of the PMD Clean.

Turning our attention to battery life, the PMD Clean swings back with a decent punch. By most accounts, the device flaunts a stamina that allows for several uses before declaring time-out for recharge, definitely a handy feature for daily use.

Yet, some reviews border on the more critical side, expressing disappointment with the battery life. There have been mentions of battery replacements failing to rectify the situation. As with any device, it seems the PMD Clean walks the tightrope between blissful satisfaction and occasional letdowns.


In the world of skincare tools, PMD Clean certainly has a number of compelling advantages. Its reputation for effective cleansing, exfoliation, and massage is impressive, and users consistently appreciate the easy cleaning and durability of its silicone bristles. This device has the potential to be a long-term investment that elevates your daily skincare routine. Moreover, the fact that it leaves the skin feeling smoothly polished, not dry or stretched, while being gentle enough for all skin types is not a feat to be overlooked.

However, there are some potential drawbacks. A few users have found the physical design somewhat cumbersome, affecting their ability to deftly navigate all areas of the face. The device’s vibration, while part of its effectiveness, might not suit those seeking a more serene skincare experience. Additionally, some users have encountered issues with rusting components, which could unfortunately turn this cleansing device into a very expensive paperweight prematurely. A point to note, though, is that these rusting issues do not seem to be a widespread concern. In the end, it truly comes down to personal preferences and expectations.

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