11 Pros & Cons of The MABIS Facial Steamer

“Promising versatility and a spa-like experience in a compact size, but let down by frequent tank changes and customer service issues.”

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  • The MABIS Facial Steamer Review reveals adjustable steam controls, providing versatility and customization to cater for all individual needs.
  • This device has multifunctional uses, which include help with respiratory issues, vocal steaming, and of course, facial steaming.
  • Integrated with an aromatherapy option, the steamer allows for an infusion of essential oils into the steam. This inclusion not only adds to the pleasure of the experience, but also serves as a fantastic option for added relaxation.
  • A noteworthy feature is its ultra-quiet operation, ensuring that your steaming rituals remain serene, relaxing, and undisturbed.
  • A non-latex face mask is included which is soft, flexible, and designed for comfortable usage.
  • Its compact size and lightweight design enhance user experience by making it not only easy to operate, but also simple to store.
  • Thoughtful additions such as a measuring cup and an aromatherapy tank are incorporated into the design for convenient setup which highlights the user-oriented approach of MABIS.


  • The MABIS Facial Steamer’s small water capacity means frequent refills are necessary, especially during extended use.
  • Some customers have noted in their MABIS Facial Steamer Review that the small reservoir in front may limit the overall steam inhalation experience.
  • Extra care may be required due to the high heat generated by the steamer, as it can be uncomfortable to place your face within the mask.
  • There have been concerns raised about MABIS’ customer care and quality control, as noted in some critical reviews. Please note that these views are based on customer experiences and not personal opinions.

Introduction to MABIS Facial Steamer Review

Welcome to the review of the MABIS Facial Steamer, a versatile device offering natural relief for a plethora of respiratory symptoms. Dealing with a cold, flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, or even just the average sore throat can be hard stuff, but breathe easy! The MABIS Facial Steamer steps in as a soothing friend in challenging times, providing much-needed relief.

With a commendable feature of adjustable steam controls, this product caters to an individual’s unique demands, whether you’re seeking comfort for respiratory issues, vocal steaming, or simply wanting to revel in a warm facial steam to maximize skin moisture. This is not your regular facial steamer, ladies and gentlemen.

But wait, there’s more! The MABIS Facial Steamer isn’t just a respiratory aid. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by its oil diffusing aromatherapy feature, effortlessly infusing your steam session with your favorite essential oils using the convenient aromatherapy tray (not to forget, oils are sold separately). Talk about enhancing the steam experience and reaping the holistic benefits of aromatherapy all at once!

Even amongst other standout features, the ultra-quiet operation of this facial steamer deserves its special mention. The gentle wave of steam particles coupled with the flexible mask ensures deep inhalation and thorough pore cleansing without any jarring noises—creating a serene environment perfect for a rejuvenating steaming session.

Lovers of compact and portable devices will appreciate the size of the MABIS Facial Steamer. Measuring snugly at 4x9x10 inches and weighing barely 4 pounds, this product is suitable for both home use and travel. The package tags along with it a soft, flexible non-latex face mask, extension tube, 25 mL measuring cup, 60 mL aromatherapy tank, and a 5-foot power cord for easy maneuverability. Now, isn’t that all one needs in a versatile facial steamer?

Features and Specifications

In the pursuit of a comprehensive MABIS Facial Steamer Review, you’ll find the device embodies a fusion of assortment and personalization. Its adjustable steam controls for a start, allow us to tailor the amount of steam output to individual preferences, making it rather the bowl of Goldilocks’s porridge of steamers – just right for everyone. The steamer caters not just to facial care routines but also respiratory wellness routines and vocal steaming practices.

Beauty meets tranquility, as the device integrates an oil diffusing aromatherapy feature. As you languish in the warm embrace of the steam, you can infuse a hint of lavender or eucalyptus into your session with the aromatherapy tray, creating a potent recipe for relaxation. However, prepare to hum, ‘you can’t always get what you want’ because it is important to note, oils are sold separately.

Serenity isn’t compromised, thanks to the whisper-like operations of the MABIS Facial Steamer. The face-hugger esque mask, although less daunting, channels the steam for optimal results, whether you are looking for a deep pore cleanse or a respiratory itch soother.

On the practical side of things, the MABIS Facial Steamer is adept at the game of Twister, thanks to its compact 4x9x10 inch dimensions and 4-pound weight. A nifty addition to any corner of your home or suitcase. It’s a complete package with a soft, flexible non-latex face mask, an extension tube, a 25 mL measuring cup, and a 60 mL aromatherapy tank. And like a reliable St. Bernard rescue dog, its 5-foot power cord always seems to find access to power sources.

User Experience and Reviews

How do you truly get to know a product? You dive into the pool of user experiences and reviews. Let’s do just that with the MABIS Facial Steamer. The overall vibe from users is a very positive one. Many have heralded its efficiency in lessening the severity of those pesky respiratory symptoms associated with ailments such as colds, sore throats, coughs, flu, sinusitis and even the Monday blues. (Though, we might have made that last one up. Remember, the MABIS Facial Steamer is a device, not a miracle worker.)

One particular feature of the MABIS that seems to fan the flames of delight among users is the adjustable steam control. This allows them to personalize the amount of steam based on their individual needs. This is a great plus, not only for when one is striving to create a hot yoga studio in their living room but also when aiming for optimum face steaming. It ticks both boxes – respiratory relief and a soothing skincare routine.

Users were also happy to discover that they could add their favorite essential oils into the mix via the aromatherapy tray (because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in a spa, right?). There’s one little catch: the oils are sold separately. But, who knows, your favourite lavender or eucalyptus oil might already be waiting on your bathroom shelf.

A highlight that definitely deserves a mention in our MABIS Facial Steamer Review is its ultra-quiet operation. It’s so peaceful that even a cat could comfortably nap next to it without being disturbed. Its relaxing wave of steam, coupled with the accommodating mask, maintains the steam concentration for deep inhalation and efficient pore cleansing.

However, it’s not all steamy wonderland. Some users have pointed out the relatively small water capacity requiring frequent refilling. Additionally, there have been comments about the heat produced by the mask making it uncomfortable for direct face contact, contributing to a somewhat “steamy” relationship between user and product. Despite these minor issues, the overall user experience with the MABIS Facial Steamer remains overwhelmingly positive.

Potential Limitations and Considerations

When pouring over a MABIS Facial Steamer Review, it’s crucial to not only immerse ourselves in the enticing features and advantages but also explore the potential limitations and considerations.

One aspect that stands out is the steamer’s water capacity, which some users have found to be somewhat small. This might demand more frequent refills than some users might prefer, especially if you’re the type who enjoys long, uninterrupted sessions of facial steaming therapy.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the strength of the steam output. On the one hand, its power can be seen as a benefit providing quick relief and deep inhalation. Conversely, however, it may be too intense for individuals with sensitive skin or respiratory conditions, so it’s vital to proceed with caution when wearing the face mask to avoid any discomfort or burns.

When we delve into the aroma aspect of this device, we discover another potential caveat—the MABIS Facial Steamer doesn’t come with any included essential oils, despite having an aromatherapy option. If you’re looking to include fragrant elements to your steaming experience, you’ll need to procure these oils separately, which may have been an unexpected detail for some.

A minor gripe from a handful of customers pertains to the size of the reservoir in the front of the steamer. This may pose a slight challenge when it comes to maneuvering and filling, which could potentially result in a minor inconvenience.

However, these limitations should not diminish the fact that the MABIS Facial Steamer has garnered popularity among those seeking respiratory relief, vocal steaming, or simply enjoying facial steaming. By being aware of these potential limitations, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences.


In the grand scheme of facial steamers, the MABIS Facial Steamer shows much promise. Its array of versatile features includes adjustable steam controls, an aromatherapy option, and an ultra-quiet operation, adding not just a steam but a full spa-like experience to your grooming routine. Its small size and user-friendly design certainly add points in its favor, proving that good things come in small packages – literally.

However, its journey to facial steamer stardom is not without occasional speed bumps. The water tank, while compact, requires frequent changing – an inconvenience bordering on a coffee-without-caffeine nightmare for those looking for an extended, serene experience. A potentially hot-faced encounter with the mask, combined with some noted customer service issues make it somewhat of a lukewarm steamer box of sorts. Thus, if you’re looking for a facial steamer that comes with an extra side of extended relaxation and valued customer care, your journey may just need to steam ahead a little bit more.

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