12 Pros & Cons of The INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer

“Powerful and technologically advanced, yet with its longevity unconfirmed due to limited user feedback, caution is advised before purchase.”

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  • The INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer exhibits tremendous power with an 1875 watt AC motor, ensuring quick drying times and giving the hair dryer an extended lifespan.
  • A smooth, shiny finish is provided by Ionic technology, which also works to combat undesirable frizz.
  • Titanium Ceramic technology’s infrared heat feature helps minimize any possible hair damage while promoting the appearance of healthier hair.
  • Customizable settings on the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review provide a tailored drying experience. These settings include 3 heat and 2 speed options as well as a genuine cold shot button, giving users the tools to lock in-defined curls, waves, and styles.
  • The included diffuser and concentrator attachments serve varying purposes – the former aids in crafting textured hair styles and the latter, sleek and smooth looks.
  • With a removable lint filter, the hair dryer promotes easy and effective maintenance. There is no need for lubrication, ensuring a longer motor life.
  • According to the brand reputation, Conair, the manufacturer behind the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer, is highly renowned. Not only stepping up as a leading figure in the hair dryer industry, but also presenting a wide array of options catered for different hair types and styles.


  • Contained within the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review, it was noted that there is limited real-life data due to the hairdryer’s less than stellar success in the sales arena. Consequently, the information in the review heavily leanes on the manufacturer’s descriptions which may or may not be doused in a smidgeon of bias. Think big, pinch of salt.
  • Apparently, the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer hasn’t quite won the popularity vote among consumers. Maybe it missed the memo on chocolate or puppy bribes. On a more serious note, this could allude to the possibility of the product not quite hitting the mark in user expectations or requirements.
  • Potential bias: Ever interview your dog about whether you’re the best human ever? Beware, that’s kind of the situation here. The only available information about the hair dryer is from the manufacturer’s descriptions, so take some caution while reading and shopping around won’t hurt.
  • Speaking of having a chat with your trusty dog, there is a striking lack of user feedback, courtesy of its less than booming sales. This makes it rather challenging to gauge the hair dryer’s performance and reliability from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
  • Let’s discuss longevity. No, not the kind sold at the magical elixir store downtown. It’s really hard to tell how well the hair dryer will age, think of it as a mystery, sans the thrilling drama. Without substantial real-life data and user reviews, it’s anyone’s guess how durable this little machine is in the long run.

Introduction: INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review

Get ready for a ride on the wild hair side, because we’re about to dive headfirst (pun intended) into the lesser-known realms of hair-drying technology. Enter the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer by Conair, a relative enigma in the vibrant world of high-performance hair dryers. Sure, it might not have quite the reputation of some of its competitors, but don’t underestimate this curl-taming gizmo just yet.

This INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review is largely based on the manufacturer’s descriptions, since the hairstyling diva that is INFINITIPRO, hasn’t had as much of a real-life audition as some might like. Bias? Possibly. But with a powerhouse of features up its nozzle, it certainly deserves a second look.

Armed with an 1875 watt AC motor, this professional-grade hair dryer promises an airflow that rivals an F5 tornado. Faster drying times paired with an extended lifespan, now that’s hair-raisingly impressive. To top it off, Ionic and Titanium Ceramic technology are in play to ensure your locks exit the drying process sleek, shiny and frizz-free.

If versatility were a sport, INFINITIPRO would be a decathlete. With three heat and two speed settings, as well as a handy cold shot button, whatever your style preferences, this dryer is ready to compete. A diffuser and a concentrator are also included for more specific styling needs.

Let’s not forget convenience. Stuck with the unenviable task of maintenance? Worry not! INFINITIPRO comes with a removable lint filter for easy cleaning and a lack of necessary lubrication to save you some precious pampering time.

Albeit a less popular choice, INFINITIPRO is part of Conair’s illustrious hair dryer lineage, dating back to 1959. Known for providing innovative hair styling tools and accessories, Conair has laid the foundation for this hair dryer to potentially make a name for itself. So, despite the limited real-life data for the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer, sit tight as we attempt to comb through its features and functionalities.

Powerful 1875 Watt AC Motor

When conducting our INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review, the prowess of the 1875 Watt AC Motor is undeniably a standout feature. This potent operator is the crux of the appliance, commending a swift and efficient drying process that is a blessing on rushed mornings or last-minute prepare-to-impress situations. The powerful airflow generated by this professional-grade motor not only epitomizes speed but also ensures a comprehensive drying experience, divorcing the notion of damp patches.

This motor’s life expectancy is unusually long, promising a trusty companion for your hair needs that’s built to last. But don’t mistake this sturdy for stormy. Alongside its power, the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer exhibits a refined touch, courtesy of its Ionic technology. This sophisticated feature deploys negative ions to counteract the positive ions that spawn unsightly frizz, thereby enforcing a glossy, salon-grade finish. Farewell frizz, hello sleek sheen and enviable smoothness!

Crowning this feature, the power and versatility of the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer is brought to its zenith with the flexible heat and speed settings at your disposal. This appliance doesn’t merely dry your hair. It invites you to personalize the entire process. Craving a gentle breeze or a gusty gale? You’re in the driver’s seat. Plus, the inclusion of a true cold shot button empowers you to lock in your desired style effortlessly. Whether you’re championing curls, worshiping waves, or seeking to straighten up, the control is all yours. Truly, a symphony of swift, sleek, and stylish hair drying!

Versatile Heat and Speed Settings

In our INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review, we found the heater’s multi-faceted functionality to be a key highlight. With its versatile heat and speed settings, the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer ascendingly takes personalization of your hairstyling experience to a whole new level. It presents you with the liberty to fine-tune the dryer’s temperature and airflow based on your hair type and the style you aspire.

Be it fine, delicate tresses that require tender drying or thick, coarse manes that call for a potent blast of hot air, this mighty wizard will have your back. You could choose between low heat and low speed for your precious, heat-sensitive strands, or spin the dial to maximum heat and speed for fast and effective drying.

Beyond its thermal capabilities, this device boasts a bona fide cold shot button. This magical button stays true to its name and shoots a blast of cold air to lock in those painstakingly crafted curls, waves or styles, heightening your style versatility. This becomes a boon for the ones whose adventurous spirit likes to dabble with varied looks or aims to extend the life of their curls or waves.

The INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer proves its worth by catering to an extensive range of hair types and styles. Its adjustable settings chalk up more than a few brownie points by providing the flexibility needed for endless hairstyling possibilities. Be it achieving that sleek, polished look or adding volume and texture, this hair dryer’s adaptive settings are your key to the hairstyling wonderland.

Additional Accessories and Maintenance Features

Diving headfirst into this INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer Review, it’s evident that fashioning magnetic hairstyles is quite simply a breeze with this device. Key to making this happen is the range of additional accessories it offers. Along with the main unit, you can look forward to a diffuser designed to ruffle up those curls and add volume to your mane. Looking for that silky, ‘I-just-stepped-out-of-a-hair-commercial’ look? The concentrator attachment is here to ace that for you. These additional accessories make the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer your personal styling agent at home, enabling you to explore a multitude of hairstyles.

While style is critical, so is substance and the folks behind the INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer have ensured it doesn’t lack in the maintenance department either. The device features a removable lint filter facilitating effortless cleaning, which is integral for both sustaining optimal performance and lending longevity to the motor. Who knew a simple lint filter could be a game-changer, right?

Now, here’s where it gets better: The INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer requires no lubrication. Yes, you read that right – no oil traps or greasy riddles to solve here! This feature notches up the maintenance simplicity, making it one user-friendly hair gadget to swear by.


The INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer provides potential benefits including a powerful motor, Ionic and Titanium Ceramic technology and customizable settings. Its attachments and maintenance ease are additional attractions. The manufacturer, Conair, adds value with their stellar reputation in the hair dryer industry. However, the hair dryer’s standing is marred by a limited market presence and lack of substantial user feedback.

While the device promises quality performance, it’s hard to validate these claims due to lack of real-world usage data. Therefore, future buyers should proceed with caution, as the longevity and reliability of the hairdryer remain as elusive as a special elixir from a downtown magical store. It might be a good idea to explore a little more or wait for more comprehensive user feedback before making a decision.

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