8 Pros & Cons of The FIXBODY Round Hair Brush

A concoction of innovative and natural features, yet not without flaws – a potentially beloved or bemoaned addition to your hair regime based on personal needs.

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  • Retractable Section Needle: A standout feature in our FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review is the retractable section needle located at the bottom of the brush. Gone are the days of struggling with hair picks! This unique feature allows users to swiftly clear any loose hairs out of the bristles, making it an incredibly convenient styling tool.
  • Nature Boar Bristle: Say hello to silky-smooth hair. The FIXBODY Round Hair Brush harnesses the power of nature with its boar bristles. These bristles distribute the scalp’s natural oils, known as sebum, evenly across your strands. This combats frizz, prevents static, and lends a beautiful texture to your hair when used regularly.
  • Nano Ionic Technology: This brush isn’t just practical—it’s advanced. The ceramic barrel of the venture is armed with cutting edge nano-materials. This technology combats unpleasant odors, offers anti-static properties, and delivers feather-light handling. Plus, it minimizes frizz, leaving you with glossy, well-managed locks every time.


  • The retractable section needle located at the bottom of the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush may fall victim to wear and tear, potentially breaking after multiple uses. Having to finagle an alternative hair pick to nab those unruly loose hairs could be more than just a minor annoyance.
  • Despite its nature boar bristles promising to spread your scalp’s sebum like butter on toast, some users have found that their hairs were left high and dry. This failure to distribute the oil evenly can lead to patches left looking more like a lion’s mane than a sleek runway look.
  • While the nano ionic technology claims to zap away bad smells and reduce static, some users might just find that it comes up a bit short. Those expecting to tame frizz or seeking to give their hair a glossy sheen might find the brush under delivering. This can be a drawback in the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review.
  • The brush’s ceramic coating barrel may prove its Achilles’ heel when faced with scorching hot temperatures. This could be a let-down for those stylists who are quite literally playing with fire, applying high-heat styling tools only to discover that their brush might not handle the heat.
  • Finally, the brush’s lightweight design might feel more like a feather in the hand than a tool. For those who prefer a hefty brush for optimum control and grip during styling, you may find applying extra pressure tiring, making your styling session feel less like pampering and more like a workout.

Introduction – A FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review

If you’re on the hunt for a hairbrush that aims to give you salon-quality texture and shine while taming frizz, the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush should top your list. This innovative styling tool is loaded with awe-inspiring features and cutting-edge technologies that make it a stand-out player in the hair care arena.

One of the unique features that might arrest your attention is the retractable section needle located at the base of the brush. If you’ve had your fill of frantic untangling sessions and the constant need for hair picks, you’re in for a treat. It’s designed to effortlessly pick loose hairs from the bristles, taking the chore out of your daily hair care routine and injecting some ease into it.

Another commendable feature is the brush’s natural boar bristles. These natural bristles have a remarkable ability to distribute the scalp’s natural oil, sebum, along the hair strands thereby taming frizz and static. The result? Noticeable frizz resistance and a high-gloss finish that will have others eyeing your hair with envy.

The cherry on top is the marvel of nano ionic technology encapsulated in the brush’s ceramic coating barrel. Not only is it fiercely heat-resistant, but the included nano materials wave goodbye to unpleasant smells, wage war on static, and add a lightweight feel to the brush. With the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush, say hello to more manageable, shiny hair, and bid farewell to frizzy, unruly locks.

Retractable Section Needle: Unclutter Your Hair Care Routine

If you’ve ever spent precious minutes untangling your hair brush before a critical styling session, consider your problem solved with the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush. In this FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review, the retractable section needle is a standout feature offering convenience and efficiency.

Located at the base of the hairbrush, the retractable section needle serves as a fantastic time-saver, eliminating the need for separate hair picks or detangling tools. This unique feature ensures that your brush always remains clean and ready, simply swipe to clear any loose hairs caught in the bristles, voilà – detangled hair, detangled brush!

What’s more, the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush goes beyond mere detangling. With boar bristles that distribute your scalp’s natural sebum, it adds a touch of shine, while reducing frizz and static. And let’s not overlook its nano ionic technology enhanced ceramic barrel, which ensures a lightweight design and provides anti-static properties.

So say goodbye to your detangling worry and hello to sleek, manageable hair. The retractable section needle feature is truly transformational in the world of hair care tools, making the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush a valuable addition to your hair care routine.

Nature Boar Bristle

Our FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review wouldn’t be complete without touching on the natural boar bristle feature. This brush is equipped with these bristles, which are significantly beneficial for your hair. Just ask any seasoned hairstylist, and they’ll tell you about the magic of using a boar bristle brush.

Now, why the fuss over these bristles? Well, your scalp naturally produces a protective oil, sebum. The boar bristles help spread this sebum evenly, coating each hair strand. The result is an effective lubrication that does an excellent job at reducing frizz, resisting static, consequently leaving your hair looking shinier, healthier, and more manageable.

Furthermore, the natural boar bristles stimulate the scalp, leading to healthier hair growth. The FIXBODY Round Hair Brush is versatile and can work wonders on all hair structures; whether you sport straight, wavy or curly hair, this brush has got you covered.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that, in addition to the boar bristles, this brush incorporates nano-ionic technology in its ceramic-coated barrel. This adds to its high-heat resistance and also helps in reducing static, removing bad odors from hair, and adding that extra shine we all crave. Therefore, the combination of boar bristles and nano-ionic technology ensures a smooth, manageable hair texture.

Nano Ionic Technology

The FIXBODY Round Hair Brush brings its A-game by incorporating the innovative Nano Ionic Technology. This cutting-edge feature transforms the mundanity of your daily grooming routine into an extraordinary hair transformation journey.

One of the major perks brought by this technology is the perfect union of ceramic coating and the wonders of Nano materials. The result? A hair brush that is like a skillful conductor managing the orchestra of your hair strands. It commands static electricity to step down, bad odors to clear the stage, and graciously shines the spotlight on a lightweight design for a performance that leaves you in awe.

In the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush Review, the antisocial behavior of frizz was highly appreciated. You ask how? By acting as a peace broker between the positive and negative ions in your hair. The brush makes a handshake deal with the negative ions to smooth out any disagreements with the positive ones, resulting in silky, cooperative strands. Who knew hair diplomacy could be so fruitful?

But, it’s not just about harmony. The brush also plays a vital role in enhancing your hair’s physical appearance. Acting like a beauty therapy for your hair, it enriches every strand with an impressive shine. The secret lies within the negative ions from the ceramic coating, sealing the hair cuticles and turning them into a mirror for light to reflect off graciously. Your hair gets a magical glow-up, appearing both healthier and incredibly radiant.

So, why wait? Give yourself a much-deserved hair treat with the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush leveraging the power of Nano Ionic Technology. Send static, frizz, and dull hair packing, welcoming salon-stunning results right from your vanity.


In conclusion, the FIXBODY Round Hair Brush succeeds at combining innovative technology with natural components, introducing features like a retractable section needle and boar bristles integrated with nano ionic technology. However, no product is without its weaknesses. While the round hair brush does aid in hair management, it can fall short on a few aspects as per our review.

The brush’s ability to handle extreme heat, its weight, and its inability to uniformly spread the scalp’s natural oils might overshadow its promising features for some users. The effectiveness of the hair brush will thus largely depend on individual requirements and expectations. Despite these shortcomings, it might work as an excellent addition to your hair care routine, provided its strengths align with your styling needs and preferences.

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