16 Pros & Cons of The Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine

“A potentially game-changing skincare investment with multi-functional capabilities, but be prepared to gamble with questionable durability and a hefty price tag.”

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  • With salon-grade quality, the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine truly lives up to its name, delivering amazing results.
  • In an unexpected surprise, it comes packaged with goggles for a heightened user experience.
  • No degree in engineering needed here, thanks to its easy setup process.
  • Effective in not just promising, but delivering, improved skin texture and smoothness.
  • It helps reduce dependency on regular facial lotions, keeping your skin care routine minimal yet effective.
  • Allows for simultaneous usage of all three colors (red, blue, yellow) and infrared, saving time and maximizing benefits – talk about efficient multi-tasking!
  • A one-stop solution for various skin concerns, our Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine Review shows that it works well for everything from acne to wrinkles.
  • Its large size allows coverage for different areas of the body, such as hips – because skin care isn’t just about the face, right?
  • Patience is a virtue and in this case, a virtue that leads to noticeable improvements in wrinkles and overall skin condition with consistent usage.


  • In our Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine Review, it emerged that the electronic part of the device might fail after several months of regular use, leading to unexpected timer malfunctions or a complete system shutdown.
  • The design of the machine is comparatively less comprehensive as it does not include certain light options like green, which are often available in other brands.
  • There have been certain complaints of the device becoming non-functional after just a few uses. In such cases, returning the product was not an option due to the expiration of the return period.
  • Another con is the structure of the device, which appears to be poorly assembled. Some users have reported that screws may not align properly, leaving certain side panels to remain loose and unsecured.
  • The timer functionality has been reported to be inaccurate, generally deviating by 5-6 minutes from the intended duration. This could disrupt treatment accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Some users have encountered issues with the functionality of specific light colors, with only a limited number of lights working in the blue option and the red and yellow options being entirely non-functional.
  • Given the price point of $220, the durability and longevity of the device might be seen as insufficient by some customers, especially when considering issues related to its construction and electronic parts.

Introduction to Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine Review

The Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine stands out in the saturated world of beauty gadgets. This portable and lightweight device brings the normally exclusive and luxury experience of a salon to the everyday convenience of your home. Imagine a facelift without appointments, queues, or even stepping out of your house.

This skin care light machine is fitted with a whopping 330 LED bulbs, offering a selection of four light colors – Red Light (640nm), Blue Light (423nm), Yellow Light (583nm), and Infrared Light (690nm). The lights are not simply for show – they have the power to enhance cell energy, promote metabolism, and stimulate collagen secretion, upgrading your skin care routine by a couple of notches.

But what sets the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine apart is the design, honed for your convenience. For hands-free and enjoyable use, the machine employs a highly flexible design which drastically simplifies the process. To make your life even easier, it comes with all the gear you need: the host, adapter, protective eye mask, and an easy-to-understand user manual – the perfect package for your skin therapy needs.

Whether it’s stubborn acne, pesky wrinkles or other skin issues, this machine provides a versatile skin solution. It allows the simultaneous use of multiple light colors, reducing the time spent on treatment, wrapping several benefits into one quick package. For those professional skin care fanatics among you, this machine offers the perfect solution.

The Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine demonstrates a commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. What’s more, if you happen to encounter any hiccups during your beauty journey, exceptional customer service support is readily available in California. You’ve seen the hype, now it’s time to experience the transformative benefits of the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine for yourself.

Product Description and Specifications

The subject of our Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine review is a top-of-the-line, nifty gadget designed to boost cell energy and promote holistic skin health. This innovative device is hands-free, flexible, and lightweight, making it as portable as your favourite bag. It’s a light therapy powerhouse, containing a staggering 330 LED bulbs – shedding light (or rather, different lights) on your skin from all angles.

Equipped with red (640nm), blue (423nm), yellow (583nm), and infrared light (690nm), it’s like your personal rainbow dedicated to your skin’s well-being. It offers quite a performance with 90 infrared bulbs wielding an output power of 15W and a further 240 LED bulbs dazzling with an output power of 35W. With this machine, skin rejuvenation becomes deep, targeted, and most importantly, effective.

The red light is a collagen-secreting motivator promoting cell regeneration, while the blue light is your personal bodyguard against acne-causing bacteria. The yellow light? Well, that’s your skin’s own purifying system, working away layer by layer. Tied together, what we have here is not just a device, but an immersive, high-quality skin care experience.

And did we mention the accessories you get? A protective eye mask for those who wish to sit back and relax while the machine does its work, an adapter, and most importantly, a user manual, because who doesn’t love a good read? Designed primarily for professional use and offering exemplary service in California, the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine isn’t simply a purchase, but an investment towards better skin health. And just to add a cherry on top, the brand prides itself on its commitment to incredible customer service, always at the ready to tackle any snafus that may appear along your skincare journey.

Positive Customer Reviews of Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine

Thumb through the list of reviews for the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine and you’re bound to stumble upon an avalanche of positive feedback. One customer raved about the close-to-salon quality of the device, expressing pleasant surprise over the machine’s larger than expected sizing. The cherry on their sunlight sundae? The unexpected addition of goggles in the package. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Another user sung praises about the noticeable change in the texture of their skin after consistent usage. The machine seemed to have started a lotion rebellion, diminishing the frequency of their facial lotion use.

Queue a shoutout for product versatility. A user commended the machine’s ability to run all three color lights – red, blue, and yellow – along with the infrared simultaneously, saving time, and presumably making them feel like a walking rainbow.

A glowing endorsement came from a Lumax Plus Led fan who found the machine effective in its delivery. Its big enough size to cover their hips was another brownie point, with all colors working as advertised.

The reviews also featured a testimonial from a customer who’s hit the big 6-0, confirming significant improvement in their wrinkles from consistent treatment. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a time machine, what does? And speaking of time travel, a user specifically called out the effectiveness of the red light therapy. They branded it as ‘the best red light experience’, noticing visible wrinkle changes with continuous usage.

In this Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine Review, one thing consistently shines through – the glowing satisfaction of customers who have used the product. The effectiveness and convenience of the machine seem to be its secret sauce, enhancing the skincare experiences of its users like a superhero in a salon.

Critical Customer Reviews of the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine

When embarking on a journey through the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine review, it is crucial to consider the potential road bumps as relayed by so-called ‘un-Amazing’ experiences of some customers.

A critical concern expressed by customers centers around issues related to the electronic part. One such hard-hitting review mentioned a quick demise of the electronic component after only five months of use. A dedicated user, adhering to a 4-5 times per week routine, had their self-care abruptly interrupted by timers quitting and a total device shutdown. This unsettling experience certainly waves a caution flag over the machine’s reliability and longevity.

A slice of the rainbow is missing too, it seems. One customer found it disappointing that Amazing2015’s device didn’t entirely meet the spectrum. It entirely skips over the green light, a feature that other brands offer. This perceived oversight might stub the stride of users specifically searching for said green light.

Then there’s the blow of a malfunction after barely a handful of uses. One unfortunate customer was left to deal with a defunct device shortly after the purchase. This happened just beyond the crucial return period. A seemingly uncanny spin of the wheel of fortune this customer’s experience highlights the importance of product durability.

Building on structural integrity, another user reported the fit and solidity of the machine as flawed, with side panels functioning more as freestanding art than integrated parts. Couple this with a timer that couldn’t quite beat the clock accurately and you are left questioning the overall product quality and craftsmanship.

Last, but not least, a not-so-shining review spotlighted concerns over the device’s durability relative to its price. Despite the hefty investment of $220, a gloomy discovery followed — certain light options ceased operation after just a year. The scenario of six functional blue lights and non-working red and yellow ones left a bitter aftertaste of a shorter lifespan than hoped, particularly in light of the considerable investment.


Proclaiming to deliver “salon-grade quality”, the Amazing2015 LED Face Skin Care Light Machine has a lot going for it. The device’s ease of use, effectiveness in delivering improved skin texture, and multi-functional capabilities presents it as a worthwhile investment. Paired with its broad treatment scope catering to everything from acne to wrinkles, it certainly justifies itself as being more than just a standard face care tool.

Despite this, the device does suffer from a number of drawbacks. The questionable durability and functionality of electronic parts, an apparently less comprehensive design compared to competitors and concerns over construction quality may raise eyebrows considering the $220 price tag. It’s essentially a gamble – a potentially high payoff if you hit the jackpot with consistent usage, but also a chance of a pouring money down the drain if it pulls the short straw.

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