6 Pros & Cons of The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer

“Innovatively designed with fast drying and portability, but limited market validation calls for a cautiously optimistic approach.”

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  • Prevents 99% of hair from being inhaled: The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer features an upgraded inlet design, remarkably preventing hair from being sucked into the device. It comes with a removable double safety dust cover, further guarding against dust and particles. Small soft brush accessories are included for easy cleaning of the air inlet and dust cover, ensuring ultimate wind power.
  • 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review reveals an ultimate drying speed: With a wind speed twice faster than other hair dryers and a maximum speed of 18m/s as well as a rotational speed of 32000 RPM, this hair dryer packs a punch. It outshines ordinary hair dryers by drying hair 30% faster. It can dry short hair in 1-2 minutes, medium-length hair in 3-5 minutes, and thick and long hair in 5-8 minutes.
  • Foldable, compact, and lightweight: Weighing only 0.88 lbs, this folding hair dryer is the perfect travel companion. Its compact size of 7.67*5.11*2.08 inches lets it slip into luggage without claiming much space. Plus, it has its own storage bag, which takes convenience to a whole new level. It’s ideal for those on-the-go scenarios like business trips, travels, and visits to the gym, or just for everyday use at home and school dormitories.
  • Multiple temperature settings: The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer gives you power to rule your hair. With 3 temperature options, you can personalize your drying experience to suit your hair type and desired style.


  • The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer has not proved itself as a go-to choice in the market due to its limited sales success.
  • As part of our 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review, we found that the lack of real-world user data heavily influences the review, leading us to rely extensively on the potentially biased descriptions provided by the manufacturer.


Step into the world of hair magic as we dive into our in-depth 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review. Being quite the newbie in the haircare industry, this intriguing device has yet to establish its ground amongst its reputable competitors. Nonetheless, we’re here to peel back the layers and give it the consideration it deserves.

It’s worth stating upfront that this examination is based predominantly on the manufacturer’s product description. To be sure, while manufacturers tend to paint their products in the best light, reality can sometimes present a different hue. So, in all fairness, do take our given insights with a hint of caution since we’re decoding the product from the manufacturer’s lens.

Now, fasten your seatbelts as we delve into the specific features and functionality aspects of the 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer. Relying on the manufacturer’s claims, we’ll attempt to give you a 360-degree view of this product’s key selling points and potential fallbacks. Will it hit the mark or miss the target? Let’s find out together!

Hair Protection and Safety Features

The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer prioritizes hair protection and safety, along with being a wizard at drying your hair. This hair dryer has been designed thoughtfully, successfully preventing 99% of hair from being inhaled. Its inlet design is like a protective shield, ensuring your hair isn’t pulled into the sorcery of the dryer during use, providing a sigh of relief for your precious tresses.

Thinking it stops there? Well, hold your ‘hairs’, because there’s more! The dryer includes a removable double safety dust cover that acts as another layer of magical armor, keeping dust and particles from entering. To keep this armor shining and efficient, a small soft brush accessory is included. Just a few strokes here and there, and your hair dryer will continue to blow with optimal wind power.

Incorporating user-friendly safety specs, the 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review reveals an outstanding addition of automatic shut-off and overheating protection features. These serve as faithful guards, stepping up when the dryer gets a tad too hot to handle. This ensures that even in the hustle and bustle of daily use, your safety and hair protection remain uncompromised.

Last but not least, the hair dryer gives you the freedom to choose from three temperature settings. Depending on your preference and hair type, this flexibility means your hair will never have to face the wrath of excessive heat. Truly, hair protection can’t get any better than this!

Faster Drying Times

In our 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review, one significant advantage that jumps out is the faster drying times. Yes, you heard it right, no more lingering around waiting for your hair to dry. When pitted against the ordinary hair dryers that take forever and some, the 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer leaves them in a cloud of dust, metaphorically speaking!

This champion showcases a wind speed that’s not only faster than a home-run slugger’s swing but is 2 times faster compared to others in its league. Clocking a maximum wind speed of an impressive 18m/s and a rotational speed of 32000 RPM, it’s like having a mini tornado in the palm of your hand, without the tornado havoc, of course!

The outcome of this robust functionality is a drying time faster than a racer’s pit stop. Compared to an ordinary dryer, it delivers a whopping 30% faster drying time. We are talking about 1-2 minutes for short hair and 3-5 minutes for medium-length hair.

Have thick and long hair? No worries, 5-8 minutes is all the time you would need. That’s faster than brewing your morning coffee. The speedy performance ensures you won’t play catch up on your busy mornings or rush times.

Whether you are home, in a dorm, a gym, or even managing a busy hair salon, the 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer will keep things breezy and swift. Time to bid adieu to the long waiting times for hair drying. Start embracing the convenience, speed and power of this terrific appliance today!

Foldable and Compact Design

In this 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer Review, one of the features that stands out the most is undoubtedly its foldable and compact design. This hair dryer is built to be the traveller’s best friend, coming in at a feather-light weight of just 0.88 lbs and dimensions of 7.67*5.11*2.08 inches. This combination of lightweight and compact dimensions ensures it takes up minimal space, making it the perfect solution for those constant jet-setters or for individuals who value convenience.

The foldable hair dryer is not just easy to carry around, but is also a breeze to store. It smoothly tucks away into a drawer, cabinet or even a gym bag. The compact size however, does not in any way undercut its performance; no matter where you find yourself, be it at home, a hotel, or school dormitory, this hair dryer is always ready to jump into action and deliver an impressive performance.

This 7MAGIC innovation extends the foldable convenience a notch higher by throwing in a complimentary storage bag. That’s right, you can comfortably stash your foldable hair dryer into its neat little storage bag and toss it into your handbag or suitcase without any worry. This adds that dollop of practicality for those always on the move.

It’s worth noting that this hair dryer is not only meant for personal use; its versatility extends even to professional environments like hair salons. This speaks volumes about its functionality and adaptability. The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer is a compact force of nature, ready to whip your hair into perfect style wherever you are.


The 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer displays several stand-out features for those seeking a reliable and convenient hair care tool. Its innovative design guards against hair intake, backed up by an impressive drying speed that outperforms many traditional counterparts. Additionally, its lightweight, foldable nature, and multiple temperature settings make it an attractive choice for on-the-go hairstyling.

However, there’s always room for a bit of sobriety. Despite its enticing features, the market hasn’t entirely vouched for this bold entrant, given its limited sales footprint. Plus, getting a complete picture of the product is slightly challenging with the lack of extensive real-world user data. The result is a reliance on manufacturer claims, which, let’s be honest, can sometimes be as inflated as a blow-dried beehive hairdo. Thus, a cautious yet optimistic evaluation may be the best approach when considering the 7MAGIC Foldable Hair Dryer.

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